Andruino Winner during Arduino-Day 2019

Andruino has been selected by a panel of experts as the winner of the


Arduino Day Community Challenge

Andruino project presentation

Andruino App is a wired and wireless home sensors for iPhone


Andruino Project

Andruino is a very low-cost and effective solution for taking full control of your home with an iOS device. Users (a very basic knowledge of Electronics and Arduino is requested) will enjoy its easiness and versatility.

Why Andruino and not Arduino? What means Andruino?

What is the origin of the name Andruino? Andruino is based on Arduino hardware, so I found natural calling my app after Arduino. Andruino is just a mock of Arduino based on my name, Andrea. You can read it as “An Arduino” system made by Andrea, myself. Just a funny way to acknowledge Arduino.

How does it work?

The Andruino echo-system is based on AndruinoApp and a number of Arduino compatible nodes (e.g. ArduinoMega, NodeMCU, ESP8266 or STM32 Nucleo boards).
Just take advantage of the wealth of sensors (e.g. humidity, temperature, power meters) or actuators (relay boards, PWM peripherals…) easily available for Arduino. Once the hardware is configured, by means of the AndruinoApp, you will communicate with your nodes (via a proprietary IOT infrastructure), checking their status and controlling them “realtime” wherever you will be!
AndruinoApp is the first App in which you can drag&drop the sensors/controls over your real home map. You can connect whatever analog/digital sensors on hardware board and Andruino App communicates with them, displaying in real time the room temperatures, the power consumption, the humidity, opened doors, and any other informations that comes from your home. You can switch ON/OFF relays, control PWM outputs, and create pulses.
You can also store the sensor behavior in a database and displaying it on a graph.


Which hardware configuration can be used?

Andruino sketch can be installed on different hardware configurations, cable and wifi: ArduinoMega, NodeMCU, ESP8266 and the new and power-full STM32 nucleo boards (STMicroelectronics). Each board can have one or more sensors and/or actuators and they will be visible on the AndruinoApp.
You can have a lot of Arduino (or compatible) boards programmed with the same sketch connected to internet and controlled at the same time by your iPhone. Each board will be configured with your username and with a unique board name.


Is it open source?

The Andruino echo-system is based on a proprietary App (the AndruinoApp), which was developed for iOS, but anything related to the hardware Arduino is free and opensource (you can add whatever modification to your copy of the Andruino sketch).
So, you are only required to buy “once” the cheap Andruino app in the AppStore, there aren’t in-app purchase to use the datalogger, all is included.
Since that Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform, this project born as flexible idea and can be used as starting point for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments in home automation context.


About me

Electronic engineer – graduated in Palermo University (Italy)

Currently employed as Test Engineer at STMicroelectronics (Automotive Micro-controller division)


Articles and Patents:

ISSCC article

Memory device accessible with different communication protocols

Method of generating an enable signal of a standard memory core and relative memory device

A semiconductor memory with a multiprotocol serial communication interface


Andruino Winner during Arduino-Day 2019

Andruino Project has been selected by a panel of experts as the winner of the HOME AUTOMATION category in the Arduino Day Community Challenge

Andrea Scavuzzo