iPhone Andruino App old releases



Old releases

What’s New in 2.00 (15 May 2015)

    1. Sensor Map: new sensor icons for each category (lamps, buttons, temperature, etc).
      S_temp4 C_Lamp3_ON C_Lamp4_ON S_termoBlu S_PowerConsumption C_SWITCH3_ON
    2. Landscape mode supported. More visible space on the map.
    3. General configurations: added new top level options.


What’s New in 1.81 (09 Jan 2015)

  1. Compatible with YUN board


What’s New in 1.80 (12 Dec 2014)

  1. NEW FEATURE: graphs: real time sensor monitoring (only with opened App). Each sensor can be plotted on a graph. Average/MaiPhone6x/Min value are calculated (graphs are updated only with the App opened)
  2. TIMERS updates: the minimum activation (duration) can be 1 sec (before was 5min). Timers can be used on PULSE outputs.
  3. BLINDS: you can control blinds with a single command (UP/STOP/DOWN).
  4. LIMITS: you can modify the high or low limit directly by the sensor list.
  5. bug fix on predefined DHT sensor: solved a bug related to the variable selection channel.


What’s New in 1.71 (11 Nov 2014):

  1. Timers: you can program Timers to switch on relays at desired time (hour, minutes, day) with a specific duration (max 18 hours). The timer can be executed only one time and/or can be repeated selecting the days (monday, tuesday, etc). Timers are managed by Arduino so they work also with the application closed. It can be used to switch-on lights, relays, etc automatically (no RTC is required).
  2. Predefined sensors: DHT22, Dallas DS18B20, current sensors etc, have predefined settings with detailed informations used to simplify the electrical connection and configuration.
  3. iCloud support: AndruinoApp setting are under iCloud, so you can share the same setting using different devices.
  4. IOS 8 and new iPhone 6 are supported.
  5. The new sketch 4.410 is required for the Timers
  6. Modifications respect to the 1.70: timer fix (timer without repeat doesn’t stop)

AndruinoApp 1.71 video preview:


AndruinoApp 1.71 screenshots:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.ott.2014 21.02.37
Home sensor map
iOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.ott.2014 21.00.28
Sensors list
iOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.ott.2014 20.59.08
Predefined sensorsiOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.ott.2014 21.01.23 Network configurationiOS Simulator Screen Shot 13.ott.2014 20.59.29 Push notificationsScreen Shot 2014-10-13 at 21.06.43




iPhone App main characteristics

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What’s New in 1.60 (26th May 2014):

    The digital outputs can be triggered when a limit is reached. This new option can be used to activate a relay when a temperature is reached. The activation can be triggered by any analog/digital/variable resource. 
    To enable this new feature, please download the new 4.300 sketch release

output triggered by events

What’s New in 1.56 (7th May 2014):

  1. Minor modification: a bug was fixed in the JSON stream sent by http. This can create issues in the connection during the first installation if the Arduino data flash was not erased.

What’s New in 1.55:

  1. All  Arduino outputs PIN can be temporized (from 1 sec to 18 hours)

What’s New in 1.53:

  1. Push Notifications:
    • Arduino can send real time Push Notifications when an event is triggered and/or a limit is reached. You can control your sensors also when AndruinoApp is closed. A notification with all the sensor details will rise on your iPhone.
    • Analogs/digitals/variables are supported (both Arduino and ZigBee IOs)
    • Bug fix in push connection. In some cases the PIN was not sent to Arduino and the push notifications didn’t work. It has been fixed. The new Arduino sketch rev 4.221 has to be uploaded in Arduino HW board.
    • Auto pairing: no longer require to specify the PUSH USER by Arduino sketch. Now USER/PIN are sent to Arduino directly by the App and stored in Arduino flash. A message is given when they are paired (new sketch is necessary)
  2. WRITE variables: now the variables can be modified by AndruinoApp using switch and slider. This features can be used to create a thermostat, to control processes, and so on.
  3. Reconnect: new option used to auto-connect Arduino when the App is re-launched.
  4. Date transmission to Arduino. Arduino will be always sync with the correct date (hours, minutes, seconds)
  5. New debug menu. It can be used as monitor
  6. Sketch: the new Arduino sketch rev 4.221 has to be uploaded in Arduino HW board.
  7. Compatibility: AndruinoApp 1.53 will not support the old sketch v3.

Push notifications are sent also when AndruinoApp is closed. You can configure digitals, analogs and variables with high and low limit alarms.


Other screenshots:




iPhone App main characteristics

Andruino App is a wired and wireless home sensors for iPhone

Buying a low cost Arduino open-source electronics prototyping platform, you can control all what you want in your home

Sensors above home map

Andruino is the first App in which you can drag&drop the sensors above your real home map.
You can connect whatever analog/digital sensors on hardware board and Andruino App communicates with them, displaying in real time the room temperatures (C°/K°), the lights/plugs power consumption (Watt), the kitchen humidity (%), the opened doors, and any other informations that comes from your home.

Output controls

  • The digital and pwm outputs can be controlled. Switches, Sliders and push buttons are now implemented. Automatic feedback system used to know if the command has been received by Arduino.
  • You can delete sensors/controls from the map
  • You can reposition the sensors/relays from the list.
  • You can control the switch and the slider above the map.

Andruino App is 100% customizable

  • Home map can be uploaded from camera roll. Size and zoom can be modified
  • Support push notifications sent by Arduino HW board.
  • No sensor/relay limit number (wired and wireless). It depends from Arduino type
  • Supports multiple ZigBee wireless modules using mesh network.
  • Each sensor/relay/variable can be full configurable (both analog/digital/pwm)
  • Arduino variables cab be read and write by Andruino App (float/integer/boolean)
  • With the variable outputs (slider) you can create a thermostat used to control the temperature.
  • Low/high limits can be used for visual alarm (ex: over/under temperature)
  • Measure unit, mathematical formula, number of decimals can be managed according to the sensor requirements (ex: 10mV/C°)
  • Network access restricted with username and password
  • HTTP JSON data-interchange format used to communicate over ethernet
  • Refresh rate configurable between 1 and 5 seconds



Old releases

Version 1.4:

  • Minor changes in views
  • Languages: Italian and English are supported
  • Sensor configuration: added average value with 5/10/20/50 samples
  • Bug fix

Version 1.3:

  • IOS7/IOS6 compatible
  • Ambients. Used to manage multiple Arduino boards with different IPs.
  • Graphical improvements.
  • Double IP Network WAN/LAN used to switch from internal/external connection.
  • Enabled for next sketch version 4 (not yet released)

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