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What’s New in the “Base” version 9.21 #May2017

  • Network configurations
    • CLIENT mode (zero configuration): no more needed to open the router port and configure the IP, Arduino is immediately online over 3G 
    • DIRECT mode (as before): server mode is always present if no internet connection is preset
  • The sketch 9 can be configured with these ethernet adapters or boards:
    1. Arduino Mega 2560 + Ethernet shield (W5100, standard card)
    2. Arduino Mega 2560 + Ethernet2 shield (W5500)
    3. Arduino Mega 2560 + ESP8266 wifi shield
    4. (new) NodeMCU board (ARM32 bit standalone Arduino compatible board with Wifi embedded)
  • The sketch has to be compiled with IDE from Link IDE
  • Delete all the previous libraries and install the new one
  • May2017: NRF max OUTPUT duration fix.


TIP: Before compile, use the #define to select the right shield or board:

Downloads (follow the below few points to configure the sketch)




NRF node sketch


What’s New in the “Node” Version 1.22 (11 May 2017)

  • New file structure
  • Added “Non-invasive AC current sensor”
  • PIN inversion
  • PIN state memory
  • 1.21 FIX: Pulse duration fix if > 255 seconds + Base 9.21 (2 May2017)
  • 1.22 FIX: PIN configuration file (SET_PIN file) didn’t have effect on pins.



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