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IoT sketch node version 10.3

March 20th – 2019


  • Sketch NO configurations (sketch senza configurazioni)
    • All the user configurations (email, pin, board name, wifi ssid, etc) will be not yet written on the sketch.
    • Le configurazioni utente (email, pin, board name, wifi ssid, etc)  non verranno più scritte nello sketch.
  • Web page configurations (configurazione tramite pagina web)
    • Using a web page, the user will insert his account informations (email, pin, board name). For the next sketch updates, is not yet necessary to insert them again because these informations are stored on device flash.
    • Utilizzando un’interfaccia web, l’utente immetterà la propria email, pin e nome board. Per i successivi aggiornamenti, lo sketch sarà già configurato poiché queste informazioni sono memorizzate nella memoria flash della board usata.
  • The sketch 10 can be configured with these MCUs boards:
    1. Arduino MCU:
      1. Arduino Mega 2560 + Ethernet shield (W5100, standard card)
      2. Arduino Mega 2560 + Ethernet2 shield (W5500)
      3. Arduino Mega 2560 + ESP8266 wifi shield
    2. ESP8266 MCU: (Wifi embedded)
      1. NodeMCU board
      2. SonOff boards (SONOFF_BASIC, S20, TH10)
    3. STM32 MCU:
      1. STM32 nucleo-64 boards (L476RG) + ESP8266 wifi shield
      2. STM32 nucleo-32 boards(L432KG) + ESP8266 wifi shield
  • The sketch has to be compiled with IDE from Link IDE
  • Delete all the previous libraries and install the new one
  • Fix from v9.51: (Jan 2018)
    • Timer fix: timer #0 did’t work and reset PIN 10 at 00:00.
  • Updated on 10.3
    • Inverted pin: when the device is reset, the initial state of the PIN will be float, so if there are connected relays, they will not toggle.
    • Various improvements on stability.
    • Improved startup time when in wifi shield configuration.
    • PIN10 deleted from the usable PIN list (it is used by ethernet shield as CS).
    • Led blink option also on ESP8266 wifi shield option.
    • Code TXT formatting

IOT node sketch download:

Board Version Download
Arduino + Ethernet 10.3 – 20 March
Arduino + Wifi shield 10.3 – 20 March
NODE MCU/SonOff/ESP8266 10.3 – 20 March
STM32 + Wifi shield 10.3 – 20 March







Note: DHT-sensor-library fixed (stability)


Video guides:






NRF24L remote sensor node sketch


What’s New in the “Node” Version 1.22:

  • New file structure
  • Added “Non-invasive AC current sensor”
  • PIN inversion
  • PIN state memory
  • 1.21 FIX: Pulse duration fix if > 255 seconds + Base 9.21 (2 May2017)
  • 1.22 FIX: PIN configuration file (SET_PIN file) didn’t have effect on pins.


  • Node sketch (N04):
  • Preconfigured sketches (as the above picture network):
  • You can configure each Node as a router or leaf (file: C_SET_NETWORK.ino):
    • node_e  NODE_CONFIG = ROUTER;  –> (always active, work as router)
    • node_e  NODE_CONFIG = LEAF;         –> (low power consumption: wakeup each 10 minutes. No router)


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